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Sandy Swing Skirt - Paisley

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Sandy Swing Skirt - Paisley

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Looking for a full circle skirt just like a Poodle skirt? Sandy is a flirty, floaty and fun 1950’s fully circular skirt with side pockets(!) just aching to be asked to the prom. Perfect for rock n roll, the beach hop or bopping with your chums, Sandy has enough swing in her to set any party grooving. A traditional vintage 1950’s skirt, she is handmade in New Zealand by experienced vintage dressmaker Vanessa Kelly.

Plain circle skirts were all the rage back in the 50’s and today, these retro skirts have certainly made a comeback. Made in top quality 100% cotton fabric, Sandy has a narrow waistband attached to her full skirt, so as not to attract attention away from her puffiness. Add a petticoat or two underneath, letting a little bit show to be cheeky and Bob’s your uncle or rather Sandy’s your girl!

Team Sandy up with one of our vintage capes and she’ll be ready to roll with the best of ‘em. High heels or flats, a blouse or t-shirt and even a pair of knee high socks would work great with her too.

Sandy is a true circle skirt, not a poodle skirt. That’s because she is not pleated or gathered, is made with cotton sateen fabric and consists of a single large circular shaped piece of fabric. This gives her the best twirl you will ever find on a vintage skirt or even a modern one! A sub category of the full circular skirt is the Poodle skirt, which definitely is the iconic skirt every one thinks of from the 50’s. Traditionally made with felt or wool, poodle skirts were popular with teenagers and young girls. But should a more mature woman wear one, she was regarded as a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Thankfully, Sandy is suitable for all ages, making her the ultimate vintage inspired skirt.

Circle skirts were invented around the 1890’s, but were long to the ground, not as full, had an added train and a flounce. That’s because fabric from that era was not as wide as it is today and the skirt ended up being in multiple pieces. But by the time the jitterbug dance arrived in the 50’s, the world was just begging for a full skirt to spin around in. As fabric width was no longer a problem by now, circle skirts were reborn.

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