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Vanessa Kelly Clothing

Rosie Cape - Black Cherry - Long Length

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Rosie is a vintage style cape which lets you take your outfit to the next level. Teamed with a vintage inspired dresses, she is more than a cover-up for a chilly evening. Rosie is in fact a practical, stylish and feminine alternative to wearing a heavy coat which crushes our frocks. She simply oozes a romantic and magical feeling wherever she goes, transforming her wearer from scullery maid to princess without using a magic wand!

Handmade in New Zealand, Rosie forms a part of award winning fashion designer Vanessa Kelly’s women’s vintage clothing collection. 

Rosie is a cape with a difference. She fastens at the neck with a button under her Peter Pan type collar. A two layered cape, her outer is made of a wool blend fabric, while her inner is a contrasting and often pattered 100% cotton fabric. It’s this splash of unexpected colour, together with her unmistakable elegance. which leaves a lasting impression upon all who see her. Rosie offers the option of placing your arms through her armholes or not, giving you unrestricted movement whichever way you wear her. As a panelled cape, she also hangs beautifully and will fully compliment whichever outfit you are wearing, day or night.

Capes originally began their lives as a unisex clothing accessory. Princes have rescued maidens on white horses while wearing flowing silk capes. Roman generals wore capes into battles and who could forget Lord of the Rings elves who wore those beautiful ankle length capes. Batman and superman, together with the king of rock n roll himself, Elvis Presley, also wore one! Nowadays they are seen as more of a female article of clothing, with many other international fashion designers also including them into their women’s collections too.

Capes have always eluded to high class fashion and elegance, with Rosie being no exception. Pair her with one of Vanessa’s vintage dresses for the perfect ensemble to wear out dancing like Cinderella or walking outside in the garden like Snow White. Rosie is a definite must-have in any woman’s wardrobe!

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