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Penelope Skirt - Floral Print

Vanessa Kelly Clothing

Penelope Skirt - Floral Print

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Finally, there is a vintage style skirt with pockets. Get ready ladies because the Penelope Skirt has arrived! Designed and handmade by Vanessa Kelly Clothing in Auckland, our Penelope Skirt is the perfect everyday skirt. Wear her to work, out shopping, on the school run or even out for dinner.

Made in 100% Indian cotton fabric, Penelope is a knee length skirt with inverted pleats front and back for fullness. With roomy side pockets, she is the ultimate dressy replacement for shorts and trousers. While we can’t see her pockets ever taking the place of a handbag, they are extraordinarily handy for odds and ends, or even just your hands!


As far as A-line skirts go, Penelope has some extra twirl in her. She’s not a full circle skirt, but is made with a generous amount of fabric, helping her swing gently against your legs as you walk. Drop down gorgeous in every way, she is a must have vintage style skirt for every woman’s wardrobe!

Delighting Vintage Clothing Lovers Everywhere

What’s there not to love about Penelope. Cool, calm and sophisticated, her inverted pleats help her stand out. Her pleats also help her glide beautifully over your curves, without needing shaped panels or darts.

Inverted pleats were commonly used in women’s clothing after the First World War in the 1940’s. They helped to add a bit more swing to her step, showing her post war joy. Even though fabric was still in short supply, it wasn’t being rationed as much. This meant inverted pleats and box pleats came into fashion. The late 1940’s saw fuller skirts and yes, the much-loved pockets entering the scene. Large patch pockets were added to the outside sides of skirts, but Penelope’s are discreetly hidden inside.

 Order Your Penelope Vintage Style Skirt Today!

Vintage women’s clothing designer Vanessa Kelly puts her heart and soul into every piece of clothing she creates. The Penelope Skirt is no exception! Order your skirt today and make her a staple of your wardrobe too.

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