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Betty Blouse - Polka Dot

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Betty has arrived and she’s looking swell. Betty is our short-sleeved women’s vintage blouse. You could say her Peter Pan collar means she’s designed for women who never want to grow up, but that wouldn’t be quite right. As a vintage blouse, Betty simply oozes both style and fun. She’s made with high quality 100% cotton fabric.

New Zealand Made Women’s Vintage Blouse

When you slip a women’s vintage blouse on, prepare to be dazzled. Comfortable and cool to wear, Betty’s sleeves are gathered into her arm hole as well as her hem, helping her billow out ever so subtly.  From her collar to her hem, a darling row of buttons add extra pizzazz to her already fashionable appearance. Perfect for wearing with our vintage style Sandy Swing Skirt, Betty is a must have for your wardrobe!

“All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust,” Peter Pan once said. But do you remember what he was wearing when he said it? Contrary to popular belief, Peter Pan did not wear the first Peter Pan collar, but his character was the inspiration for the collar’s name.

The Peter Pan collar, like many fashion trends, has numerous stories as to how and when it originated. From what we can find, this collar shape dates right back as far as the 1640’s when it was worn by the Quakers. The 1800’s saw boys wearing this curved collar made of lace, then the 1900’s was the first-time women began to wear it upon their garments. Actress Maude Adams was the one who made this collar shape famous upon her Peter Pan costume and of course, where it got its name

Jumping forwards to the 1970’s, this beautiful collar was commonplace amongst women’s fashion and we’re so excited it’s making a revival!

Ready for Adventure? Order Your Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter Pan once said when explaining how to find Neverland, “Second star to the right and straight on till morning.” To find Betty, it’s much simpler. Simply choose your size, colour and add her to your shopping cart. She’s a darling of a women’s vintage blouse and we’re certain you’ll love her as much as we do.

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