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I have always had a love for things that don't follow the fashion. Unfortunately during my early teens that meant there was a grunge phase (don't blame me, it was the 90's!) but I never felt like I wanted to be one of the crowd. My love of colour has stuck with me and strongly influences my fabric choices today.

Now I am a mother of 3 primary school aged children so my fashion choices also need be easy. I love being able to throw on a dress and look and feel like I'm put together and have made an effort to take on the day ahead. The styles are simple which makes them easy to dress up or dress down and the simple styles mean I can choose a range of fabrics from quirky to floral prints or stay classic with plain fabrics.

The best feeling is when people put on my garments and it puts a smile on their face, this is what I think 'fashion' should do for us.


I started out making clothing for myself and my family alongside the costumes for the childrens theatre company I ran with my husband 15 years ago. I then branched out to make garments for friends and acquaintances and, as these things tend to go, word spread and demand grew and next thing I knew I was in business full time.


I love choosing bold fabrics and the timeless styles mean anyone can have a high quality, classically styled, designer pieces that are lovingly made right here in New Zealand.