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Why I love my circular skirts

Circular Skirt Swing Skirt

Some people call them swing skirts some call them circular skirts, its a bit of a potato, potahtoe thing (you know the song right!?!).  Whatever you call them there is something about a full skirt that you just can't beat.

What is a circular skirt?

Basically it is a skirt that is made from a whole heap of fabric! They are called a circular skirt because if you lay the skirt on the floor it will look like a big CD...a circle! 

The thing that I really like about a circular skirt is that there is heaps of fabric in them so they feel really swishy and fun but there is no extra fabric around the waistband like there can be in a full skirt with a gathered waist.

Now I don't know about you, but my waist is the part of me I want to accentuate.  I don't really want to be flaunting my "had 3 babies, nearly 40 year old" belly so any extra fabric around there just makes me look like a house. The other great thing is that with all the fabric in the skirt it doesn't matter that my hips are 2 sizes bigger than my waist.

The great thing is you can dress a skirt down like this:

Or go for a bit more of a wintery look with boots and tights:


Or get a bit fancier with a contrasting petticoat like the fantastically colourful Fran Robertson - Decorator of People and Things

You can purchase yours here

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  • Andrea on

    I’ve always thought that pencil skirts suit my figure better, but maybe I’ll try a circular skirt!

  • Tracy James on

    WTG Vanessa, Awesome first Blog!!

  • Cheryl on

    Love the colours. They come up well against the wood texture & add a bit of brightness to the Winter.

  • Laura on

    I love your description of your body. Exactly how I would describe mine. I have always shied away from this style due to all the fabric, but they always looks so beautiful on other women. You’ve made me want to give one a go. :)

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