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Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Dress for Success – The Psychology of Dressing Well

Dress for success. It’s a bit of an old cliché from the 80’s, the era of shoulder pads and bad perms. But there’s more than meets the eye because it is good advice. By dressing for success, you are in fact influencing how others perceive you, increasing your self confidence and even go as far as changing your heart rate and breathing. It’s all about the psychology of dressing well, something which as a women’s vintage clothing designer I feel passionate about!

What Does It Mean to Dress for Success? 

When you dress for success, you specifically choose clothing which makes you look and feel good. There’s been plenty of research regarding the way people perceive others based upon what they are wearing. Michael Kraus, the Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Yale found that when people wore clothing with a high social status, they were perceived as being high achieving individuals.

While we can’t (and shouldn’t) wear formal business suits all the time, we can choose clothing which shows others we are confident and successful.

What is the Psychology of Dressing Well? 

Let’s talk about another cliché: a picture paints a thousand words. When it comes to your clothing, people will judge you solely based upon what you are wearing. Your morals, career, social status and even physical skills are decided by others either consciously or subconsciously by your clothing.

But that’s not all. How you wear your clothes also plays a part. A UK study found that women who wore clothing which was more conservatively were seen more favourably than those with more provocative styles, such as a shorter skirt and more buttons undone.

What does all this mean? How is it related to dressing for success and fashion psychology? It comes down to you dress the message you want to portray. From wearing pink for girls and blue for boys, to a white lab coat to make others think you are a doctor, it’s all about your clothing choices.

The Huffington Post shared some interesting facts about fashion psychology which included:

  • Women are more likely to be asked out on a date when wearing red.
  • When a woman is ovulating, she subconsciously dresses more provocatively.
  • A woman is twice as likely to wear jeans when she is depressed than when she is happy.
  • If a woman wears swimming togs instead of a jersey when completing a maths test, her score is lower.
  • Men notice what a woman wears first, while women notice his smile, face and eyes first.

Dress for Success Vintage Style 

Dressing for success doesn’t have to mean suits and heels. I love being able to throw on a dress and know I look great! Or choose from my vintage skirt range and enjoy feeling confident and classy! Why don’t you join me in dressing for success too? Look around my vintage style clothing shop now.


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